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The theme for NANT 9 is Passion & Perseverance

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As neonatal therapists, these two words are part of your DNA.

Without fail, people and entities that come into contact with you in their NICUs or at NANT Conferences convey these messages to us:

“We’ve never experienced such a passionate group of people.” Closely followed by, “And you guys get things done. I mean, you don’t give up even if it takes years (decades?) to improve practice!”

NANT 9 LogoPassion and Perseverance.

Your tenacity is grounded in your passion for babies and families. It’s the reason you won’t let go, the reason you won’t give up even when you find yourself working at home on a Saturday morning typing up meeting agendas, new guidelines, educational in-services, and professional goals.

NOTE: Not everyone does this. Not everyone thinks like this.

Most people are comfortable with the way things are. You are physically and intellectually uncomfortable when you know things could be better for the babies, families, and staff with whom you work.

You collaborate with colleagues of all professions as you as you forge new paths together. You respect the breadth of collective knowledge, the energy of team enthusiasm, and the challenges of healthcare. You know when to lead and when to follow. You see things through to the end. You take the long view because you’re already thinking of how your patients will function in second grade.

There is ample responsibility associated with work that affects tiny humans for a lifetime – especially within a place that includes a daily combination of adrenaline, birth, loss, joy, grief, human fragility, connection, isolation, and medical and emotional complexity. Most people do not choose to work somewhere quite so all-encompassing.

But you do choose it. Over and over.

We are honored to serve you as you work tirelessly to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes on a local, national, and global level.

At NANT 9 we will provide you with the latest and most relevant evidence, practices, and resources to aid you on your quest within a supportive and motivated community.

We can’t wait to see you there!


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