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As we are working hard to move the NANT 10 conference to an online event, please note that the below agenda is subject to some changes. Check back for updates.


POSTER TOPIC Poster Presenter(s)
Posters will be presented in TBD
The Neuroprotection of Oral Enjoyment by Giving Milk Drops Barbara O'Rourke, RN
Capturing the Moment: International Evidence Supporting Early Oral Motor Therapy Brenda Lessen Knoll, PhD, RN
Impact of Implementation of Early Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy Initiative on Followup for High Risk Infants with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Chris Pratt, OTR/L
Bridget Schutz, MOTR/L, CEIM
Barriers to Follow up in Infants with a Cramped Synchronized General Movement Assessment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Chris Pratt, OTR/L
Bridget Schutz, MOTR/L, CEIM
Education to Support Developmentally Appropriate Positioning Protocols for Infants in the NICU Christian Chico, MOT / OTR/L
Keely Suprenant, MOT / OTR/L
Advantages of Midline Diaper Rolls for Improved Head Shape Dawn Gresham, PT
Going Home – Why Developing a Car Seat Program is Essential for your NICU Deanna Mazzei, OTR/L, CEIM, CPST
Kelci Jackson, OTR/L
The Impact of Parental Voice on a Preterm Infant’s Physiological and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Elaine McMahon, OT, Bsc(Hons), PgCert SI, PgDIP SI
The Impact Developmental Care Ward Round upon Family Participation and Occupational Outcomes Elaine McMahon, OT, Bsc(Hons), PgCert SI, PgDIP SI
Advancing Positional Stability in NICU: Implementation and Follow Up Elizabeth Jeanson, PT, DPT, DCS, NTMC, CNT
Changing Culture: Implementation of Infant Driven Feeding Elizabeth Jeanson, PT, DPT, DCS, NTMC, CNT
Development of a Therapy Program that Redefines the Roles of OT and PT to Maximize Therapeutic Interventions in a Level IV NICU. Heather Bowen, MOT, OTRL
Meghan Strpko, PT, DPT
Three Years Post-Implementation: Outcomes of Using Infant-Driven Feeding at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Kelly Fill, MOTR/L
Nicole Klasmier, CScD, OTR/L
Skin-to-Skin on Jet Ventilation: Safely Bringing Infants and Parents Together as a Trauma Informed Best Practice Kim Belle, BScOT, OT
Jessica Leung, B.Sc. (Hons), MOT
Prevention and Treatment Initiatives for Positional Head Shape Abnormalities in Preterm Infants in the NICU Kristin Horwath, PT, DPT, CNT
Does Sample Size Ratio Matter?: The Implications of Altering Sample Size When Thickening Infant Formula with Oatmeal Cereal for Dysphagia Treatment in the NICU Kristin Wietecha, Grad Student-SLP
‘Working As One’: The Celebrations and Challenges of a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Approach to Implement Developmental Care Principles on a Neonatal Unit. Kristy O'Connor, MSLT, BSc, IBCLC
Francesca Crosby, BSc, MCSP
Development of Client Centered Online Education Resource for Caregivers of Neonates Transitioning Home Laci Reynolds, OTR, C/NDT, CNT
Reduced Length of Stay with Infant-Driven Feeding: Timing is Everything Lee Ann Perry, MS, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC
Regan Allen, MS, CCC-SLP
Empowering Parents and NICU Staff: How Occupational Therapy Supports Family Integrated Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Lisa Snisky, MS, OTR/L, CNT, IBCLC, NTMTC
Nacira Sahagun, OTD, OTR/L
Parent Empowerment: Enhancing Parent-Infant Interactions and Improving Parental Mental Health Outcomes Maddie Chrisman, PT, DPT
Implementation of the General Movements Assessment for Earlier Detection of Cerebral Palsy Maureen Johnson, BScPT
Barriers Encountered with Swaddle Bathing Implementation Nicole Rudolph
Lara Liszka, OTD/S
But the Formula AND Barium were Thin! Implementation of International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) Framework for Infant Formula: Bedside vs Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS) Ramya Kumar, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CNT, NTMTC
Nurse Perceptions of Discharge Planning Roles of OTs, PTs, and SLPs in the NICU Sarah Elkington, MSOT, OTR/L, CIMI
The Effects of Supplemental Oxygen Use on Neonatal Development as Indicated by the Test of Infant Motor Performance Tara Dempsey, MOT, OTR/L
Providing a Multidisciplinary Feeding Approach in the NICU to Optimize Developmental Outcomes in the Premature Infant Population and Decrease Length of Stay Tara Huggard, SLP, MS CCC-SLP
Keri Hellmann, OT, MS, OTR/L
Integrating the Supporting and Enhancing NICU Sensory Experiences (SENSE) Program at Inova Children's Hospital NICU Theresa Ziemba, OT, CNT
Patricia Cook, OTR/L
Primary Cutaneous Aspergillosis in a Premature Neonate A Case Study Trisha Thorne, PT, DPT, PCS, SBCS, C/NDT
Confidence And Training Level Of Neonatal Nurses To Manage Feeding And Swallowing Problems On Infants In Puerto Rico’s NICUs Valeria Caraballo, SLP
From Therapeutic Positioning to Safe Sleep: Inter-Professional Rounds to Address Transitioning to Safe Sleep Zaida Chavez, OTR, CNT, IBCLC

*Note: Preceding information is a working draft of the planned NANT 10 Agenda, session names, times and locations are subject to change.

NANT is an approved provider for AOTA, ASHA, and the NY State Board of Physical Therapy. This conference is pending review for 12.5 contact hours from the Ohio Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) for continuing education in Ohio.
See conference brochure (Page 13-14) for more details regarding pending approval for Continuing Education credits.

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